Online Criminal Justice Masters Degree – A Socially Important Career Path

If it isn’t your inherent sense of justice, then a healthy dose of CSI and Law and Order on television has surely inspired a whole generation into taking up Criminal Justice as a career. But a degree in this field is not a vocational course that can be completed in a few weeks. However, on the brighter side, it is possible to opt for an online criminal justice masters degree and move forward in your career. An online Masters Degree can be completed in two years like any other degree and can cost anywhere between as less as $6000 and as high as $100,000 depending on the scope of the course and resources provided.

An online criminal justice Masters Degree can give you not only a better scope in career but also a career that can be socially and personally very satisfactory. However, this field of crime and justice is not everyone’s cup of tea and one has to have the ability to handle the effects of working so closely with criminals and seeing the after effects of crime. A one to one session with your school counselor on the matter may clear up any doubts and allow you to make an informed decision.

If you have decided that you are suitable, then by opting for an online criminal justice Masters Degree, you will be joining the criminal Justice system of your country, and are responsible for protecting the public and bringing justice to the victims of crime. Starting from police who patrol the road, to crime scene investigators, attorneys, parole officers, judges, CIA, FBI – you can serve at any stage and agency, but the basic responsibility towards upholding justice will be the same.

An online Masters Degree program can also be used to have a socially meaningful career where you can teach criminal justice, work with juvenile offenders, work on rehabilitation of offenders into society, counseling for victims, rehabilitation of abuse victims or drug addicts. It can be hugely satisfying to know you are able to contribute to society through your job.

While it’s popular perception that a online Masters Degree may not be as good as doing in at a school or institute, there are actually a number of advantages in doing it online. First and foremost, it can offer you a lot more flexibility in terms of course schedule. Considering a large number of those opting for an online criminal justice Masters Degree are professionals already employed, the flexibility of choosing when and what to study is a major advantage.

Moreover, with the advancement of technology, even online criminal justice Masters Degree courses provide almost equal hands on experience as any institute. Many online courses provide one on one interaction between students and instructors online, which is not often possible in a school with many students. With a fast internet connection and a capable home PC with a webcam, you can convert your home into virtual classroom, negating all the arguments against an online criminal justice Masters Degree.

In schools the course is tailored to fit a whole batch of students of whom not all may be of the same caliber. While taking an online criminal justice Masters Degree, the course can be modified to suit the student’s caliber and approach, addressing the student’s personal concerns. With an online criminal justice Masters Degree, it also means you can learn when it’s the best time for you.

It also allows students to pursue more than one subject at a time. For example a law student can pursue an online criminal justice Masters Degree in the side, thereby enhancing his or her career prospects incredibly. Moreover, many professionals pursue an online criminal justice Masters Degree while they are actively employed as law enforcement officers or social workers etc, thereby helping them add a new direction to their career or a promotion.

The career prospects following an online criminal justice Masters Degree is innumerable. To name a few Law Enforcement (Detective, Sheriff, US Marshall, Probation Officer, Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Psychology), Government (CIA, FBI, Customs, DEA, Homeland Security, INS), Private Investigator, Coast Guard, correctional officer, social workers etc. For those who do not like to be in the middle of action there are numerous options like social worker, correctional officer, counselor, psychologists etc.

Why You Should Get a Doctorate Degree in Criminal Justice

Getting a doctorate degree qualifies you for a special club. It is the club of people that are considered an Authority is their chosen field of study. Not everybody can qualify for this club. It takes considerable study and dedication to earn the right of passage to this special club. And make no mistake about it, the gatekeepers of this club do not hand the keys to the entrance very easily.

But why would anybody put themselves through the torture of such rigorous study? Is it worth it? Are there benefits to be gained after one acquires the right of passage. In this article, I cover why you should get a doctorate degree in criminal justice.

1. Getting a doctorate degree in criminal justice almost assures you of employment when you graduate. How many PhD holders do you know that are not employed? If you know many, I submit to you that they probably went to diploma mill school where doctorate degrees are handed to people with the money to get one.

Because reputable doctorate programs subject their students to rigorous study, graduates are held in high regard. In fact, most PhD students start working by teaching as teaching assistants while getting their degree. This teaching experience gives you the relevant experience to get employment as soon as you graduate. If you are not given employment by your current school, there are other schools or organizations that will be there to snap you up as soon as you complete your program.

2. As I said above, a doctorate degree makes you an authority in your chosen field of study. So a doctorate degree in criminal justice will make you an authority in the criminal justice field. Your opinion and expertise will be sought in matters related to criminal justice.

You should be prepared to be called to testify in court cases. You may also be called to offer your expertise in legislative issues relating to criminal justice. And if you are really good and possess good communication skills, media such as television and newspapers may interview you for criminal justice news stories.

You can use the media exposure to set yourself up for consulting opportunities. As a consultant, you get to charge people for your services.

3. Another reason to get a doctorate degree in criminal justice is the pay. People with a PhD degree make an average salary of $77,000 per year compared to people with masters degree that make an average of$61,000 per year. This is a whopping $18,000 more per year.

You can also make nice income on the side. Working for a company or organization does not stop you from being a consultant and making money on the side. It is difficult for any organization you work for to stop you when your expertise is sought. This is especially true when it comes to criminal justice issues that could be of benefit to society.

The above are just a few of the whys and reasons you should consider getting a doctorate degree in criminal justice. There are definitely more. But it is hard to cover all of them in such a short article as this. I advise you to look further if you are still wondering why you should get a doctorate degree in criminal justice. There are websites on the internet that cover them in more detail. You should visit them for more information.

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Why ITT Tech School of Criminal Justice is not the Best Choice for you?

As with all other things an educational institution has its own pros and cons. This is also the case with ITT Tech. One of the ost important cons of the ITT Tech school of criminal justice is that the school is not accredited by any of the eight RA accrediting bodies. This means degrees and credits earned at ITT Tech may not find wide acceptance.

The criminal justice program offered by ITT Tech is pretty expensive and it may not be for you if you are in need of a high paying job immediately after completing your criminal justice program. Also, since many regular colleges do not accept the credits from ITT Tech, it will be a waste of time, energy, and money if you have to begin a program from scratch in the event of a relocation or some other similar situation.

An online program from ITT Tech may not be for you if you are looking for the experience of a normal classroom with teachers and classmates physically present. Though there is interaction as in a regular class, it is virtual and may not be the right choice for all. There may be certain loopholes in the agreement which might turn out to be not so pleasant at a later stage. By then it might be too late to withdraw or switch schools.

The schedule may not be what you are looking for and you may have classes during times which are inconvenient for you. This often happens when there are not enough students to justify setting up another batch. Not being in a regular classroom or college can also cause logistical problems and often getting these issues resolved becomes stressful since the communication has to be done through mails or telephone rather than one-on-one communication. These are some of the reasons why it might not be such a good idea to pursue an online criminal justice program from ITT Tech.

Criminal Justice School Admissions Checklist

Criminal justice offers a sheer number of exciting career options, which is attracting young students to enter in this profession. Entering in justice school is the first step towards this career. By pursuing a course in criminal justice offered by these schools one can become police officers, forensic specialists, prison guards, criminologists, and more. Besides this, aspires can also move to the careers like federal agent or forensic psychology. So, there are dozens of options, but before you decide to get into any justice school make sure the chosen school is suitable according to your needs. When you start researching for a potential school most of the time you come across several justice schools. Sometimes, it becomes quite challenging to categorize potential schools out of such a big range. However, keeping few things in mind you can easily select one of the best if not the best school. Here, are few important things that you should consider or investigate before you decide to enroll yourself in that particular school:

Accreditation of a School

If you are looking for a credible justice school then must not forget to look for its accredited status. It is highly required if your course is transferred to another post-secondary institutions for certification or licensing. Moreover, being a student from accredited schools you can also access to different student aid programs.

Tuition Fee of a School

It is always essential to consider the tuition cost of the criminal justice school if you are too conscious about education expenditure. You can look for either less expensive schools or schools that offer scholarships to needy students. Once you perform proper research you can find an array of colleges that have affordable tuition fees along with education facility that is as good as any high-profile or expensive schools.

Quality of Education and Reputation of School

Next thing to be taken in the account is the education quality and the reputation of a school. If the school has both the features, it means it is renowned among the employers as well as students. Apart from this, also try to find if they offer job placement statistics and additional student activities. These are some important points that can help you uplift your qualities, skills and may even provide an easy opportunity to get a job after the completion of criminal justice program.

Curriculum of Program Offered by the School

Once you are sure about the areas of interest in criminal justice then you should examine whether the program offered by the school contains curriculum of your interests or not. The curriculum of any program offered by the school must be effective enough to retain the interest of students.

Crossing threshold of success needs proper learning along with strong dedication and for this, striding into the best criminal justice school is the primary need. Considering and following the above said points can help you enroll in the best culinary school that can be high in all aspects.

Finding the Right Criminal Justice Masters Degree Program

Once you decide that a Criminal Justice Masters Degree program is right for you, the next step is to find a way to earn it. There are two main options available for those who wish to pursue this type of education. First, you can do so by going back to school and obtaining it in the same way you earned your bachelor’s degree program. This requires extensive training as well as being present within the school environment to obtain the degree. You need to attend a brick and mortar school. The second option is to enroll in an online program that offers the same types of courses and training but the benefit of being able to do it all at home rather than in the traditional classroom setting.

To make this decision, consider the benefits of an online program. You do not have to commute to and from the school to get your education. That means you invest less time in the actual learning process. You will get to learn from home, on your time and at your own pace. This means you can continue to do the things you want to do including work and take care of your family while you are earning your masters degree. However, you still have to commit the necessary time to the process. You cannot delay studying or put off taking the lectures because this will end up costing you significantly in actually earning the degree. If online learning is right for you, it may be the easiest option to getting your degree.

The next thing to consider about the Criminal Justice Masters Degree program you plan to take is which school to enroll in to obtain it. You will want to ensure the school is accredited. This means that the school has a curriculum that is recognized by the licensing board and educational board in your area. It means you are learning what you need to learn and you are getting the best possible education in the field. To ensure this, always take the time to learn about the school and select one that specializes in criminal justice programs.

In addition to this, you also need to consider what you will learn if you enroll in the criminal justice program at the masters degree level within the school. What makes this school the best option? It should offer the type of education you need to excel, which should include training in organizational administration, budget planning, professional ethics, media management and theories of crime prevention. At this level of education, you are not learning the basics but you are diving deeper into the elements of managing and working in administrative positions within the criminal justice world. There are new demands and a new type of job that you will need to complete in order to obtain these careers.

For those who are ready to earn their Criminal Justice Masters Degree program, look for a school that has a long history of providing excellent training in this field. Look for a program that offers experts on hand to help you to develop the type of curriculum that is right for you including the pace that fits your lifestyle. You also need to consider the financial aid options and the type of coursework learning available. The more you know about the program, the more effective this type of learning can be. A masters degree in this field can help you to obtain the level of education you need and help you to create the career path that is right for your goals, but you have to start by choosing the right school to get that education from.