Why an Online Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice Is Essential Today

Be it any field of study the bachelors program is a stepping stone for every person towards future educational and professional progress. Likewise the online bachelors degree in criminal justice is a source through which many people are able to get a grip if of their career goals keeping in check their other commitments.

Why Earn an Online Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice

An effective and performing justice system is an essential need of every developed society. Education in this field has a nominal growth but due to finance, time and work issues many people usually drop the idea of continuing with their higher education in this field.

With the help of the establishment of effective online schools, many of the before faced problems have been solved. Due to the affordability and flexibility this format of education offers people many have turned to the online bachelors degree in criminal justice offering schools to complete their higher education and step into different careers

What Does this Degree Consist Of?

The bachelor program usually studies about the behavior and outcomes of criminals, kinds of crimes etc. This degree also consists of some specialized courses which focus on certain aspects of the justice system.

Also there are certain important courses which form the foundation and conceptual structure of this degree program:

  • Crime and criminology
  • Introduction to policing
  • Criminal law
  • Criminal justice administration
  • Social psychology
  • Juvenile justice system
  • Corrections facilities
  • Judicial process

Educational Prerequisites

Yes there are certain qualifications you need to have before applying for this program. For instance the person needs to have high school diploma in hand with a high GED score. Along with this you need to complete certain general education courses beforehand.

Top Online Schools You Can Refer To

Now that you are aware of what the bachelor’s degree consists of, the next move is to select a notable school to pursue your criminal justice degree online from. Mentioned here are few of the accredited schools which offer an online undergraduate degree:

  • Ashford University
  • Everest University
  • Virginia College Online
  • Saint Leo University
  • Colorado Technical University
  • University of Maryland University College


According to the BLS the range of job opportunities for bachelor’s degree holders is quite extensive as the job outlook in the coming years has a projected to be growth by 18%.

The bachelor’s degree is considered to be the entry level program to step into major criminal justice careers, the median annual pay for these degree holders was about $47,200 back in 2010.

Criminal Justice – Career Training Online

Learning to be a member of the criminal justice system is available through numerous online training options. Students can find a program at every educational level depending on their career goals. Online schools offer students in depth education that trains them to step into the criminal justice field.

When pursuing a criminal justice career students study the philosophy, science, and ethical procedure of the industry. The interdisciplinary approach of the field teaches students to understand the prevention of crime and the different forms of punishment. Students can complete a degree in criminal justice and enter a variety of careers.

*Undergraduate Study

Earning an associate’s or bachelor’s degree online is the typical educational level gained by professionals. Entry-level positions are obtainable when students complete their education. Online associate’s degree programs last approximately two years and students train to become detectives, police officers, bailiffs, and more. A four-year bachelor’s degree program centers on the entire process of preventing crime and dealing with criminals. More career opportunities open for students that have a bachelor’s degree. Students learn the security practices and standard law enforcement to enter careers in the public sector and government agencies. Curriculum covered inside an undergraduate degree prepares students to be responsible for criminal justice. Courses that foster this acquired skill may include:

  • Deviant Behavior
  • Criminology
  • Penology
  • Law and Ethics

Understanding the issues and concerns that come with these field areas and more allow students to become a part of the profession. Self-defense tactics, firearms safety procedures, and crime investigation practices are some course topics that students can expect to learn. Application of learned skills is used during schooling depending on the career of choice. For example, students wanting to be police officers may be required to find a police station near their home in order to conduct a ride along. Further education is for students wanting to enter management positions.

*Graduate Study

Advanced training can be earned online when students pursue a master’s or doctorate degree. A master’s degree program on average lasts two years and students are trained to take on leadership roles inside their current position or future career. A doctorate degree program is usually reserved for students with many years of criminal justice experience. Online education explores all topics of criminal justice, which allows students to become professors at colleges. Curriculum covered at the graduate degree level may include:

  • Crime Prevention
  • Criminal law
  • Group Psychology
  • Criminal Structure

Many managerial positions are available for students that complete a master’s degree program. Stepping into the classroom as a professor is available to students that wish to teach the field to upcoming professionals.

Students can find an accredited online program for them at any level of education. Accredited schools and colleges are proven to offer students a quality education in their desired field. Agencies like the Distance Education and Training Council ( http://www.detc.org ) are approved to fully accredit educational career training programs. Becoming a contributing member of the criminal justice field is available when students search out the program needed for their career goal.

DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at PETAP.org.

What makes the ITT Tech School of Criminal Justice Unique

A number of reasons make the ITT Tech school of criminal justice unique from other online programs. According to ITT Tech their programs are different from other online programs mainly because their programs are not completely self-guided. Instead ITT Tech lays down a firm schedule for students so that students are involved in regular courses of set duration with specific assignments and due dates.

There are other reasons why ITT Tech school of criminal justice is unique. ITT Tech is perhaps the only technical institution that offers a criminal justice program. While its technical programs are somewhat accepted, its criminal justice program has come under criminal investigation by the US Justice Department. Although the Justice Department has admitted in June 2005 that so far they have not come across any incriminating evidence, they are still investigating some of the local schools and campuses of ITT Tech which has some 80 schools spread across 30 states of the United States. Incidentally, ITT Tech has also come under investigation by the Securities Exchange Commision but again they have come out unscathed with no fines or penalties being imposed on them. But the very fact that it has come under such investigations makes it unique among educational institutions.

ITT Tech school of criminal justice is also unique that although it is a large and reputed school and a fairly old one being established in 1969, it has still chosen not to get accredtation from any of the eight RA accreditation bodies. Instead, it is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). Although ACICS is registered with the US Department of Education as such registration is manadatory, RA accredited colleges and many employers do not accept ACICS accreditation. Hence, many RA accredited schools may refuse transfer of credits earned at ITT Tech school of criminal justice. Similarly, degrees earned from ITT Tech school of criminal justice may not be enough or adequate for getting jobs in various law enforcement areas at the local, state or federal level.

On the positive side, ITT Tech school of criminal justice is unique in that it is one of the very few schools offering a bachelor level degree in cyber security which is a very contemporary subject and has good demand in both public and private sectors.

Bachelor Criminal Justice Degree Online

Are you a CSI fan? Do you day dream of solving mysteries, being involved in crime scenes and other law enforcement activities? Then a bachelor of criminal justice degree could be your ticket to a new career path, and a new job. What if you’re currently working a full time job in another area of employment? In that case you’re the prime canidate for an online bachelor degree program. Offering you the ability to continue with your day-to-day commitments and still work towards completing your education on your own terms.

Now potential career paths for those that graduate with a criminal justice degree aren’t quite as glamorous as we’ve been led to believe on television programs each week. How ever on the other hand many people considering a criminal justice degree feel the only job option available once you’ve graduated is to become a law enforcement officer. This also isn’t true. Once you graduate with a Criminal justice bachelor degree other potential career paths are prosecutor, forensic investigator, criminal investigator, corrections officer and more.

The bachelor Criminal Justice bachelor degree

Of course, there is no easy way to earn a college degree, but enrolling for your criminal justice degree with an online educational institution will make it a bit easier for working professionals and those looking to do it on their terms. A lot of the individuals considering switching career paths are already working professionals, they have a home, family, and commitments should that restrict them from being able to change careers? Not any more, online education programs allow you to work on your studies when and where is easiest for you. No commuting to classes, scheduling time around course lectures, and struggling to find parking. Online criminal justice programs suit the working professional, and provide the end result needed to help start a new career.

Some of the course work you can expect to study during your degree in criminal justice includes: technology legal rights, criminology, field experience, criminal justice issues, and investigative techniques. The goal of the criminal justice bachelor’s degree online is to cover a variety of areas in criminal justice so you are prepared for multiple areas to start your new career.

Before enrolling with just any school that offers the program you’re looking for you should do a bit of home work. Most criminal justice degree programs cover similar topics, yet some schools are out to scam you online. Schools offering online degree programs must be accredited for the area’s of study you’re interested in. You should make your first step to request information on criminal justice degree programs from several schools so you can compare and check for accreditation of each school. Without a degree program being accredited you risk your degree not being recognized by potential employers after you graduate. So don’t sit around wondering what it would be like to start a new career, get started today and request free information from schools offering programs of interest to you.

Criminal Justice Schools in California

There are many wonderful criminal justice schools in California that may be perfect for you to consider. What you will find is that many of them offer excellent programs, very few prerequisites, and a learning experience that you will be very happy with. That is important because too often students will drop out if they feel overwhelmed or they don’t feel that they are getting a quality education.

San Joaquin Valley College has many locations in various areas of California. This allows those interested in the program to find one that is close to them. They specialize in the area of justice of training for correctional officers. If you are interested in the clerical and business end of justice career you can consider the Santa Barbara Business College.

Many people are pursuing a degree in homeland security. You will find that one of the best criminal justice schools in California for this is Everest College. The goal is to help tackle the issue of terrorism and to keep people save in their everyday lives. After 09.11.01 the issue of homeland security has become a priority.
There are so many colleges that offer financial aid, scholarships, flexible programs, and more in the area of criminal justice. If you live in California or you plan to go there for college there is absolutely no reason why you can’t get involved with a top notch justice program at one of their schools.

The choice is yours when it comes to criminal justice schools in California. It is recommended that you take some time to look around though and to gain information about what you are interested in. That way you can complete your degree with what you have in mind for your career. Criminal justice can be very exciting and a wonderful way to spend your time working.

California essentially has the best selection of justice schools in North America. Not only some of the best taught, and most reputable – but some are the most advanced in terms of teaching methods as well. You may be pleasantly surprised about the diverse teaching methods that exist at these educational establishments. Many schools feature small classes, professors who share experiences in the justice field and classmates who you may identify with very easily and potentially become friends with as you venture forward with your school program and ultimately, your career. These schools in California are definitely worth looking into, remember to keep an open mind and be ready to learn.