How to Receive an Accredited Criminal Justice Education

Criminal justice training gives students the knowledge and skill to enter a wide range of careers. Students can learn how to receive an accredited criminal justice education by researching various programs. The best way to receive an education in criminal justice is to complete a college degree program. Students can enroll in one of numerous accredited colleges that offer programs to obtain the training required for the profession.

The field of criminal justice provides a much needed service to the public. Professionals use their skills to investigate crimes, oversee convicted felons, and rehabilitate individuals. Students receive the correct knowledge and skills to work within all levels of government. Many factors go into successfully receiving an education. Deciding which college to attend and program to complete are two major choices that precede receiving an education. The most important aspect of obtaining an education is completing a program. This objective should be the primary goal for all students because without formal training students will not be able to enter the profession.

Education can be completed at all educational levels however graduate degrees are not a professional requirement. The majority of careers require students to have a bachelor’s degree. Students that enter advanced programs do so to widen their knowledge and become leaders by entering administrative careers. Choosing a program is best done in regards to professional goals. Many careers allow professionals to have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. This is very beneficial because most students obtain an undergraduate degree and work for several years before continuing educational training to advance in their area.

Associates degree programs give students a broad understanding of the field. This prepares them to enter careers and further training. Education is broad and prepares students for the field giving them numerous options upon graduation. Students can expect to work through courses that include:

  • Sociology
  • Self-Defense Tactics
  • Abnormal Psychology

Schooling lasts approximately two years preparing students to apply their knowledge to several areas. Education gives students the opportunity to become security officers, court advocates, correctional officers, and case workers.

The best starting point when receiving an education is at the bachelor’s degree level. Most careers are open to students at this level and further training can be easily entered with no further requirements. Programs are designed so students can choose specializations. Training provides students with a great foundational knowledge of the judicial system that is applied to their concentration courses. Crime scene investigation, juvenile justice, and law enforcement are some concentration fields available. General courses taken may include:

  • Criminology
  • Judicial Process
  • Delinquency
  • Criminal Law

After four years of intensive study students will be able to step into careers as police officers, corrections officers, U.S. marshals, and drug enforcement agents.

The field is continuing to expand giving students the opportunity to specialize in more areas and work with many types of individuals. Receiving an education is the only way to ensure job placement. Begin learning about criminals and the law by choosing an educational starting point. Students that complete their education through accredited criminal justice schools and colleges will become important members in the field and society. Various agencies such as the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools ( ) fully accredit programs that provide the best possible education.

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Criminal Justice Online Education Degree Options

Online educational programs are available in a variety of subjects and career fields, including criminal justice. The field of criminal justice includes concentration areas such as corrections, and criminal investigations. With a number of accredited online schools and colleges the opportunity to obtain a degree is easier and more convenient than ever before. Students can train for the career of their dreams by enrolling in an online degree program. Degrees range from an associates to a doctorate and certificates are available depending on the area of specialization.

Students who wish to obtain a career in criminal justice can choose to enroll in an online certificate program. This level of study will allow students to study in specialized areas such as crime scene technology. Online schools may include subjects like legal studies, political science, and crime in the curriculum. Other areas of study will depend on the chosen educational facility and individual students career goals. Students who obtain certification in criminal justice will have the opportunity to work as park police, safety officers, and more. Certificates obtained can be used to further education and earn a degree at various levels.

With an online associate degree program students can expect to train for two years in order to complete education at this level. With an associates degree in criminal justice students will be prepared for employment with local or state law enforcement. Associate degree programs may consist of coursework in areas like communication, legal system, evidence recovery and storage, and more. An associate’s degree will allow students to pursue careers in juvenile justice centers, crime labs, and more. Credits from an associate’s degree can be transferred for enrollment in a bachelor’s degree program.

A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice can provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to work for a federal agency or private law enforcement company. Accredited online career training is available to those looking to manage police departments, law enforcement units, and more. Areas of study for a degree of this level may consist of court systems, forensics, crime, and other relevant subjects. With a bachelors degree in criminal justice students will learn skills that can be transferred to a master’s degree.

Individuals looking to obtain an education in criminal justice at a master’s degree level must first complete educational requirements at a bachelor’s level. There are a variety of online schools and colleges that offer career training for students wanting to become criminal psychologists, wardens, police chiefs, or FBI agents. Curriculum at this level of study may include criminology, correctional systems, criminal law, but may depend on each individual student’s career goals. With a masters degree in this field students will be able to prepare for the career of their dreams.

An accredited online education allows students to obtain the degree or certificate of their choice from the comfort of their own home. The field of criminal justice includes a broad range of study subjects and areas of specialization. Online criminal justice degrees allow students the freedom they desire and provide the career training they need.

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Popular Criminal Justice Degrees and Programs in Florida

Florida offers criminal justice degrees at many of its institutions of higher learning. Florida also has a lot of criminal justice technical schools. Students needing more convenience should look into one of Florida’s online justice colleges mathematics. If you train for a career in criminal justice, you can help enforce laws. Several schools offer justice programs that result in certificates, Bachelor’s degrees and beyond. The most popular degrees are associate’s and certificate.

If you want to specialize, you can pursue a criminal justice degree in following popular areas of concentration such as Court Reporting, Homeland Security and Legal Practice.

The Following is a list of criminal justice colleges that offer degrees programs in justice.

1) AIU (American Intercontinental University)-It is located in Weston, Florida. It offers Bachelor’s Degree in Justice. AIU also offers online courses.

2) Ashford University- it offers Bachelor’s Degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management

3) Ashworth College- This university offers Master’s Degree programs.

4) Berkeley College Online- it offers various online Bachelor’s as well as Associate Degree programs.

5) Boston University Online- it offers online Master’s Degree Programs.

6) Brown Mackie College- it offers various Master’s and Associate Degree programs in Justice.

7) Capella University Online- it offers Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Public Safety – Criminal Justice and Bachelor’s Degree in Public Safety- Homeland Security.

8) Central Florida College- located in St Petersburg and Winter Park in Florida, it provides for Diploma and Associate Degrees in Justice.

9) Central Pennsylvania College Online- It offers Bachelor’s and Associate’s in Administration and Marketing.

10) City College-located in Casselberry, it offers Associate’s Degree in Private Investigation Services.

11) Colorado Technical University Online- if offers online Bachelor’s Degrees in Justice.

12) Eagle Gate College Online- it offers online Associate’s Degrees.

13) ECPI College of Technology Online- it offers online Associate’s Degrees in Justice Technology.

14) Everest Institute- located in Hialeah, Kendall and North Miami Beach, this institute offers Diploma in Criminal Justice and Criminal Investigations.

15) Everest University- it has locations in Brandon, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Melbourne, North Orlando, Orange Park, Pinellas, Pompano Beach, South Orlando, Tampa.

16) Florida National College Online- it provides Bachelor’s Degree Programs

17) Florida Tech University Online-it offers Bachelor’s Degree Programs

18) Florida Technical College

19) Grantham University

20) International Institute of the Americas Online

21) Iowa Central College Online

22) ITT Tech Online- it offers Associates and Bachelor’s Degree

23) ITT Technical Institute- it has locations in Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Lake Mary, Miami, Pinellas Park

24)Kaplan College- it offers Associate’s Degree in Justice and is located in Pembroke Pines.

25) Kaplan University Online- it offers Bachelor’s Degree and Fraud Examination and Certifications for Criminals Justice and Crime Scene Technicians.

26) Keiser University- it has locations: Daytona Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Melbourne, Miami (Kendall), Orlando, Pembroke Pines, Port St. Lucie, Sarasota, Tallahassee, Tampa, West Palm Beach offering Associate’s Degrees in Crime Scene Technology, Justice, Home Land Security.

27) Keiser University eCampus- It offers online programs for the above mentioned courses/

28) Lincoln College Online- it offers Bachelor’s and Associate’s Degrees in Justice and the Study of the Criminal Mind

29) Mercy College Online- it offers Bachelor’s Degree.

30) Minnesota School of Business Online offering Bachelor’s and Associate’s Degrees.

31) Online Learning through Everest College at Phoenix

32) Park University Online

With all these institutes located in different cities across Florida, you can easily find one institute of your choice.

How to Get Into a Criminal Justice School

With increasing criminal activity the need of people in criminal justice has increased a lot. In recent years, the number of illegal movement has uplifted the scope of criminal justice significantly. Eventually, it is giving huge chance to people who are willing to step into the domain of justice. As this field is broad that encompasses several areas from law enforcement and criminology to crime scene investigation, the prospects of growth are huge. For specializing people in specific field number of schools has been opened in the United States. Now the most important question that most aspires ask is ‘how to get into criminal justice school’. Well, it’s not as difficult as it sounds, you just need to follow some simple steps, and you can easily get into your desired field. So, here are few tips you can consider if you are serious about joining any such courses in the United States-

Start early

It is always good to start early, because many schools open their sessions at fixed time of the year and also maintain deadlines for enrolment. So, begin your application process as soon as possible. By doing this you increase the chances of getting admission into your desired justice school.

Select the stream you want to join

As it is said earlier, the area of criminal justice is quite extensive and encompasses number of career options. Hence, it is necessary to decide which stream suites you’re the best. This will help you to make a decision and create a career you are really interested in.

Look for the length of the program

Length of the program is another factor that should be taken care before enrolling in any of the courses. Different available program in criminal justice might offer a variety of degrees, such as associate’s, bachelors and master’s degree. All of them carry different time span to get completed and has its own significance. Therefore, selecting any degree course entirely depends upon the choice of the stream made, as a different role demands different qualifications.

Gather more information

When you are all done with the selection process of the specific course you want to join, the next step is to gather information about the selected course or school. You must be aware of the school you want to join. Apart from that, there are some basic educations required to get enrolled in justice program, depending on the type of degree program. Know more about it and find which one is suitable for you according to your qualifications.

Get your basic documents ready

Every justice school demand for fundamental documents that is required before the admission. Knowing about the required documents will save you from last minute harassment. Make sure you can present up-to-date certificates on time when asked at the time of admission

If making a career in law enforcement is really your choice then following above few mentioned steps can help you a lot to get into this field with ease. It is one of the booming careers at present. However, entry of the large number of aspires in this field is preparing the platform for intense competition. You need not to scare if you hold strong determination. Ultimately, proper research can surely help you get into the best criminal justice school.

What Criminal Justice Majors Don’t Learn in School

What criminal justice majors don’t learn in school could fill volumes, but these things can only be learned through experience. People working in criminal justice careers involving the adjudication, apprehension, correctional supervision, detection, detention, prosecution, rehabilitation and release of accused or convicted criminals learn some tough lessons on the job. It takes a mentally strong individual to do these jobs, but if you’re up for the challenge you can really make a difference.

As you complete your criminal-justice training at a university, community college, online school or vocational institute, you will learn many valuable skills and gain much understanding of what to expect in this field. Whether you work as an administrator, booking officer, correctional officer, defender, judge, parole officer, police investigator, probation officer, prosecutor, defender, judge, administrator or security guard, you must get this training. Associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and even doctoral degrees can’t truly prepare you for what you will experience on the job, though.

What criminal justice majors don’t learn in school is how to cope with what they see and how to react to the situations involving criminals and all sorts of people in distressed situations. These educational programs do typically include courses about criminology, psychology, social work and sociology in addition to the political science and law classes. These classes are meant to help students understand the mind of the criminal and learn more about why people do the things they do. Some psychology classes may also provide insight into how one should react to certain situations on the job considering the type of person you are dealing with. These things you really will not understand fully until you are in the situation, though, and once you’ve dealt with various stressful encounters, you can better deal with them in the future.

Although it’s true that what criminal-justice majors don’t learn in school could fill volumes, there is quite a bit that criminal-justice majors do learn and gain from these educational programs. A combination of educational training and real world experience is what makes a reliable and well-rounded criminal justice professional.